All Cancellations for the 2018 National Convention must be made by June 28, 2018.


You still have time to join in on the fun celebrating the 75th anniversary of the NAWCC!

     There are programs starting Friday at 9:45 in the conference room in the lobby area (turn R past the registration tables). Your badge is not necessary for the early lectures in the Conference room.

•     If you are not registered: On-Site Registration & pre-registration starts at 10 a.m. Friday July 20 in the UTZ Arena, York Expo (Fairgrounds), York, PA.

•     Programs and Lectures all day Friday, Concession stand, table holders allowed in at various times. One to three tables 'set up' & Early Bird is 2 to 4 p.m.. Set up for everyone over at 4 p.m. Everyone will be out of the Mart Room at that time.

•     Auction viewing will start at 4 p.m. Bar opens! Don't forget to visit Brickers for something to eat!

•     There are still some tables available:
          For you to have a table reserved and your name of the list for tables available;
          Call before July 15 to reserve a table.

          Please contact Marion 219-769-8247 or Lu 718-429-6251

          We will hold the table until 2 p.m. on Friday.

•     If your membership card is due to renew: Call NAWCC 717.684.8267 ext. 210, 201, or 229. Renewing prior to the convention will save you time in line so renew before you get there!

Don't miss the Friday night Auction! Auctioneer Rick Robinson still has room for your Clocks, Watches and Horological items. Here are a few items he has for the auction.


Here is The Great Wheel Skeleton Clock, made and sold by ProClocks, Inc., measuring 14 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. It has a thick 3/8 inch plate glass front plate for the movement. Yes, the gears of the clock are pivoted into the glass front plate of the movement. By doing so, you can see all of the gears of the clock from the front of the clock. It has an arabic numeral porcelain dial 5 1/2 inches in diameter. The great wheel on the clock is approximately 8 inches in diameter. It has a standard suspension spring and connects to its long pendulum for the motion work. The wooden oval base provides stability for the clock. It is one very special skeleton clock to show off in your collection.

Total Production Of 25 Clocks Worldwide.
ProClocks, Inc., supports the activities of the NAWCC and all of our members.
Retail Price: $1650

Craft Contest

Entries will be accepted on Friday July 20 at 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Viewing is Saturday from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Judging is noon on Saturday. Winners will be announced at the banquet Saturday evening. Contest will be on display Sunday till noon. Please Contact William Slough at or by phone at (817) 600-7501.

An important change to the Regional Meeting Guide has been approved by the NAWCC Board of Directors at their December 2017 meeting. The new RMG language is as follows: Table holders will offer for sale items primarily of Horological interest and ensure that non-Horological items in the mart are appropriate for NAWCC events and of interest to the members, as determined by the respective event Regional Mart Chair or Regional Meeting Chair. Additionally, certain items, such as barometers and other weather-related gauges, have been permitted at Regional Meetings on the grounds that such devices have often been paired with timepieces throughout history. Music boxes and automata both have mechanisms similar to clocks and are also permitted. No weaponry is permitted.

Stay tuned-in and check back for more updates to this website.

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    Lu & Marion, Co-Chairs



These are just a few items to be featured in our Friday Night Auction at the 2018 National Convention. Auctioneer Rick Robinson still has room for your Clocks, Watches and Horological items. To include your items, please use our Auction Submission PDF Form HERE.


Tour and Lecture Schedule


NAWCC Headquarters, Columbia, PA

10:00 to 10:45
Museum Tour Including Stu Gottdenker Collection
Library Archives "Behind the Scene" Tour with Sara Butler-Tongate

11:00 to 11:45
Museum Tour with Emphasis on Early American Horology
Neo-Renaissance Modern Day Clockmaking Lecture by Richard Ketchen

12:00 to 12:45 Museum Auditorium - Lecture by Doug Minty -"The Art & Beauty of Carriage Clocks"

1:00 to 1:45
Museum Tour with Emphasis on Carriage Clock Exhibit
Library Archives "Behind the Scene" Tour with Sara Butler-Tongate

2:00 to 2:45
Lecture - "Identifying & Collecting American Banjo Clocks" by Steve Petrucelli
Museum Tour with Emphasis on Vintage Wrist Chronograph Exhibit
Museum Tour of Tower and Street Clocks

3:00 to 3:45 Museum Auditorium - Lecture/Panel - "Chronographs as Tool Watches" by Carlo Stepanians, Jeff Stein, & John Cote, Avid Chronograph Collectors. In the era of wrist watches, watch manufacturers have designed and produced a certain type of watch as a tool for many common and even obscure timing purposes. The wrist chronographs were meant to keep track and measure elapsed time for events or functions, from doctors taking pulses to officials calling sport events to engineers timing processes. The presenters will discuss and illustrate some of these watches and their purposes.

Museum Tour with Emphasis on British Horology

4:00 to 4:45
Museum Tour with Emphasis on Vintage Wrist Chronograph Exhibit
Museum Tour with Emphasis on American Wooden Works Clocks

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Tour and Lecture Schedule


9:45-10:45 "Dilemmas Acquiring the Most Expensive Wristwatches" by Philip Poniz. Mr. Poniz will discuss Patek Philip, Rolex, and other vintage wristwatch fakes, alterations, restorations and abuses, and methods to analyze and mitigate issues. Examples will cover dials, cases and movements using materials assembled. Previously presented by Mr. Poniz for last year's Patek Philippe Exposition in New York City.

11:00-12:15 "The Most Complicated Clock Constructed in our Lifetimes" By Mark Frank. The presentation describes the ongoing, hand-made construction of a large-scale astronomical skeleton clock, due for completion in late 2019, featuring a movement which will eventually contain approximately 550 wheels, 50 complications and over 8000 parts by the use of modular design and the elimination of oil. Mark Frank is the inspiration and designer of this clock featured in numerous horological publications. Using photographs and video, he will discuss the design, construction and challenges of this massive undertaking that is creating the most visually engaging and complicated clock ever made. This will probably be the last extremely complex machine of its kind to be made by hand without the benefit of computer aided design, manufacturing or 3-D printing.

12:30-2:00 Horological Arts Chapter 120 - Lecture "The Good, the Bad and the Very Most Ugly of Horological Ephemera" by Joe Abrams. It is a collection of items that should be lost, thrown away and have resisted and survived the ravages of time by Joe Abrams

2:00-3:00 Travel Chapter 179 "Leonardo the 1st Scientist" by Nick Lerescu. Nick Lerescu will present A Power Point presentation: "In the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci," a unique voyage back in time, covering the places where this Renaissance man and inventor lived and worked, in Rome, Florence, Milan, Geneva, Loire Valley, and Paris. You will also have the opportunity to discover his artistic side by viewing his masterpieces – The Last Supper, Mona Lisa, and many more.

3:00-4:30 Cog Counters Chapter 194 Lecture "Timothy Barns, Pioneer Clock Maker of Connecticut and New York" By Russ Oechsle & Fred Ringer. Timothy Barns was an important American wood works tall clock maker from his early days at Litchfield CT (1780s to 1796) where he made novel and notable movements and mentored other famous early makers, to his relocation to Cooperstown (1796-1799) and Clinton, NY (1799-1821). This talk will explore his influence on the pre-mass production wood movement tall clock era in Connecticut and his little-known production of some of the finest American eight-day wood movement tall clocks ever produced during his years in New York State.


9:45-11:30 Carriage Clock Chapter 195 "Portable Timekeeping - The Art of the Carriage Clock" By Doug Minty. This presentation will bring to life the beauty and variety of French Carriage Clocks, how they were made, and the life and times of the top makers.

1:30-3:00 British Horology Chapter 159 - Lecture - "Introduction & Comparison of Mean Solar Clocks and Regulators made by George Graham" by Jim Cipra. Jim will be presenting this interesting and informative discussion on the creations of clockmaker George Graham.

3:00-4:00 AHS Chapter Lecture on Horology & Literature by Richard Ketchen "Horology in Literature - Clocks and Watches in a Bibliophiles' Every Day Reading" The Antiquarian Horological Society, the AHS, USA Section, hosts guest lecturer, RICHARD KETCHEN. This presentation will entail the mention of clocks and watches found across a broad spectrum of generic, non-horological, literature and every day reading. Richard is a well-known and respected restorer of clocks, scientific instruments and tools.

4:00-5:30 Tower & Street Clocks Chapter 134 - Presentation - Chapter 134 introduces Eric Ryback, who will present a program entitled: "E Howard Watch & Clock Co. No. 76 & 90."


10:00-11:45 AM International 400 Day Chapter 168 Lecture: "Schlenker & Posner: SEPO" Revealed by John Hubby. This is a power point presentation regarding the 400-Day Clock manufacturing company Schlenker & Posner of Schwenningen, Germany, that made clocks from their founding in 1928 until the business was sold to Kern & Söhne in early 1938. Featured is a sale catalog from the early 1930s that has their "SEPO" trademark prominently shown and also illustrates a number of their models, providing significant information about the features of their clocks. Actual clock examples will also be displayed and discussed as part of the presentation.


2108 National Convention Lecturers

Joe Abrams

Born 77 years ago, Joe Abrams' education includes an Accounting BS and an MBA in Finance and Personnel. Joe served in the U.S. Army Infantry as a Captain. Hired at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, he worked in three different Divisions and was a Human Resources Manager.

Joe started collecting in 1961 and hasn't stopped.

Jim Cipra

Jim Cipra has been collecting for over 50 years with a broad horological overview and a special interest in precision and technically elegant timepieces. He is a Fellow of NAWCC, President of the AHS USA Section, and co-chairman for horological study tours. Jim is also a member of Chapter 56, 161, 159, and the Old Timers and Fellows Chapter 22. He was co-chair for the NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium on French Horology held at the J. Paul Getty Museum in 1988 and co-chair of the 2013 Time for Everyone NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium held at Caltech, where he was responsible for the Tompion display of clocks, watches, and sundials at that event.

John Cote

The Chronograph exhibit is a mix of watches from the collections of Jeff Stein, Carlo Stepanians and John Cote. John Cote is a member of the NAWCC Board of Directors. He has been collecting watches for 40 years with a recent focus on wrist chronographs. Carlo is relatively new to the watch collecting bug but has quickly developed not just a passion but an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage chronographs and dive watches. Jeff is perhaps the world foremost expert on Heuer watches and timers. His website, is the go to place for Heuer collectors from all over the world.

Mark Frank

Mark Frank has been researching and collecting timepieces for the past 30 years that exhibit interesting mechanical characteristics using complex designs, novel ideas, and visual appeal. He is a prolific author and has been a featured speaker at numerous horological events including the renowned Ward Francillon Time Symposium. Mark is also the inspiration and designer of an amazing astronomical skeleton clock, featured in numerous horological publications, that is the most visually engaging and complicated clock ever made.

John Hubby

John Hubby, an NAWCC Member since 1982 and Silver Star Fellow, has found two favorite things in which to be involved, the NAWCC and torsion pendulum clocks. John is Past Chair of the NAWCC BOD 2009-2011, having served on the BOD from 2001. He is presently Principal Administrator of the NAWCC Message Board. He also is a co-founder of The International 400- Day Clock Chapter 168 together with Bill Ellison, Les McAlister, and Joe Delaney. John has served as Secretary and Editor of The Torsion Times Journal and has written numerous articles for The Torsion Times as well as for the NAWCC Watch and Clock Bulletin.

Richard Ketchen

Richard Ketchen is an NAWCC Fellow and a well-known and respected restorer of clocks, scientific instruments, and tools. In addition, he has a passion for reading and literature and is a member of a Boston literary society.

Douglas Minty

Douglas Minty is a Silver Star Fellow of NAWCC, No: 35186, Life Member No: 19, Order of Australia Medal (OAM), Member of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors since 1973 and served as Director of NAWCC for 4 years.

Doug is a recently retired Master Watchmaker, having been in the horological industry for 57 years, and foundation member of Chapter 195, the International Carriage Clock Chapter.

Russ Oechsle

Russ Oechsle has researched upstate New York clocks and clockmakers for over 40 years. He is co-author of the NAWCC's 2003 publication "An Empire in Time – Clocks and Clock Makers of Upstate New York", and was the author of the book "Good for A Time" (2011) detailing the largest collection of wooden works clocks in America.

Russ is a Silver Star Fellow of the NAWCC, Past President of Chapter #55, Central New York; Past President of the Cog Counters Chapter #194; current President of the Tower & Street Clock Chapter #134: and has served as an officer of the Eastern States Regional for the past 41 years.

Steve Petrucelli

Steve Petrucelli is a 40+ year NAWCC member, Managing Director of the Adams Brown Company, and an avid researcher, collector, conservator, and dealer in Early American Clocks.

Over the years, he has been an invited speaker at local Historical Societies, NAWCC Chapters, Regional Events, National Conventions, and NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium Events.

Phillip Poniz

Philip Poniz has worked with Sotheby's, Antiquorum and Patrizzi & Co., and has handled and studied many of the most important watches and clocks that have survived. Philip is currently a partner and lead expert at WatchInvest, Inc., where he advises high-end watch collectors and investors, and owner of European Watch & Casemakers, Ltd, a company specializing in restoring mechanisms in ultra-complicated watches and clocks.

Frederick Ringer

Frederick Ringer has been a member of NAWCC for almost 40 years. He became a Fellow in 2003. He is a member of Chapter 109 in Vermont, Chapter 87 in Massachusetts, Chapter 40 in New York, Chapter 8 in New England, Chapter 22, the Old Timers and Fellows, and Chapter 184, Cog Counters. Fred is primarily interested in wood works clocks both tall and shelf and the historical development of wood works clocks.

Eric Ryback

Eric Ryback joined the NAWCC in 2013 after being introduced to tower clocks by his brother-in-law, Dave Gunderson. In 2015, at the NAWCC National held in Milwaukee, he placed 2nd in Clock Restoration and 3RD in Wood Clock Cases featuring a ST #4 movement.

Eric's collecting interest continued with street clocks and he started the Saint Louis Street Clock Company to make exact reproductions of parts for private and public clocks.

Nick Lerescu

Nick Lerescu, owner of Advantage Tours International (ATI), has been operating and escorting tours since 1974. Educated as an economist in Bucharest, Romania, Nick is a multilingual, bona-fide travel agent, conversant in world art, horology, mechanical music, automata, history, and geography. A private collector of watches, clocks, and musical boxes, Nick is a member of several NAWCC chapters, MBSI, AHS, BHI as well as the French and Italian Collectors' Associations. Since 1990, ATI has operated 20 Educational Travel Chapter 179 tours and 27 Henry B Fried Memorial tours.

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