Welcome to fellow members, friends of the NAWCC and associated organizations.

As Co-Chairs, we would like to introduce you to the 2018 historical 75th Anniversary National Convention that is not only a National Convention, but also a huge Jubilee and a Gala celebration not to be missed!

We have been working very hard for the past two years to make this celebration one of the most memorable with a great mix of fun, networking events and education.

We have so many things planned!

    ●  A full day party at the NAWCC Headquarters to meet members, see the facilities and enjoy great food and music
    ●  Museum and Library backstage tours, lectures and videos
    ●  A live Auction
    ●  FASW and ACWI workshops
    ●  Huge 2-day Mart at the York Fairgrounds

Join WWT Wednesday July 18 & Thursday July 19, 2018 at the UTZ Arena. Please contact them and let them know if you will be attending their show, and also if you will need showcases or a safe for the 2018 NAWCC National Convention. You can arrange to use the same tables at both WWT and NAWCC.

The York UPS Store will set up Saturday Afternoon from 12 noon till 4 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for members wishing to ship items home.

Please make sure you make hotel reservations as soon as possible. It is better to make the reservations and cancel if something comes up or plans change, than to not be able to find a hotel room of your choice.

We are planning a "Grand" auction on Wednesday July 18 of donated Horological items that will benefit the For All Time Endowment and Capital Campaign. Members wishing to donate Clocks, Wristwatches, Pocket Watches, Barometers, Chronometers, Horological tools and all Horological items (books included) can donate anytime during the year. Depending on the quantity of items donated, items over a to-be-determined value will be sold at public auction on Wednesday and other items will be sold by other means. Items may be brought to NAWCC headquarters or to other drop-offs that are being arranged. All items must be donated 30 days prior to the sale. Items donated to NAWCC are tax deductible. Support the NAWCC and donate today!

Be sure to check out the NAWCC Watch and Clock Traveling Workshop Program. We will have a number of workshops held at Headquarters prior to the 2018 NAWCC National Convention. All Classes will start Monday July 16, 2018. Anyone interested, please call Pete Cronos (NAWCC 0052692), our Watch and Clock Traveling Workshop Program Administrator, at 870-974-2583.

Stay tuned-in and check back for more updates to this website.

Our best regards,
    Lu & Marion, Co-Chairs

The Celebration Begins!

This is a very special year for the NAWCC, and we plan to share it with our guests as part of an equally special celebration. Members can enjoy the special hospitality of our association by attending a party thrown in their honor! Refreshments, music, and a festive convivial atmosphere await you in the lobby rotunda of the National Watch & Clock Museum, where your reception awaits!

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